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Episode 2 - Purpose, Passion, Progress: Leadership Lessons with Karen Mulhauser of Consulting Women

In this second episode, we welcome Karen Mulhauser, CEO of consulting firm Mulhauser and Associates. She has an incredible history at the intersections of science, education, politics and advocacy. From her early days as a science teacher striving to guide teenagers sorely in need of responsible reproductive health advice to advocating to prevent nuclear war to building collaborative women’s’ networks – Karen’s life has been the study in the evolution of a life that’s unexpectedly perfect in its trajectory. And she has some great stories that illustrate it.

Karen Mulhauser

Karen Mulhauser

Her firm combines the lessons of that unique history, delivering management and public affairs consulting services to progressive clients. Karen currently serves as Chair of the United Nations Association of the United States of America, where she has helped establish programs to inspire and recruit young professionals, mobilized support and membership, and advocated for policies that strengthen and reform the UN. She founded the Consulting Women network of professional women in DC, and serves as Chair of the Advisory Council for the Women’s Information Network, an organization for young, progressive, pro-choice women. And, when she’s not doing all of these things, Karen employs the principles of servant leadership, volunteering at local organizations and for campaigns.

The conversation begins focused on Karen's early days of teaching science, and addressing sexual health and preventing intimate violence.  Building on the social justice discussion, the show shifts gears slightly to civil rights – her historic introduction to it and viewpoint through the lens of a student and alumna of Antioch College. The show then delves into her lessons of building collaborative networks, leaning in, and taking risks on the path less traveled. This Born Leader episode concludes with Karen's reflections on the changes from the women’s movement, and she gives us a peek under her consulting hat as the discussion focuses on building effective boards of directors – especially for small, resource-strapped nonprofits.

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