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Welcome to the Born Leader podcast, where we believe everyone is born to lead. I’m your host Gaea Honeycutt, Founder and CEO of the Hypatian Institute, Inc. Today, I wanted to share a bit more from my interview with Babak Hafezi, CEO of Hafezi Capital.

As we learned in Episode 4 his approach to business is informed by a global perspective and a background in conflict resolution and human rights.  If you meet Babak, you’ll notice that he’s well put together, eclectic and sophisticated.  After seeing photos of Babak on the web taking a spin at a DJ turntable, I was reminded of a friend years ago who revealed the song he always walked to in his head was Staying Alive by the Bee Gees.  And so, that led me to think in my interview with Babak, “This dude has got to have a phenomenal soundtrack in his head.”



Gaea:  So, when I got here I was teasing you about a…a photo online. Actually, in Getty images, and you’re, like, DJ Babak.

Babak:  Exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gaea:  So, what do you think . . . what’s your soundtrack? What’s the soundtrack in your head when you’re going down the street that’s really got you pumped up?

Babak:  It’s different. So, um, I have…I have every single genre of music as the song track to my life. And it really depends on where I am and what I’m doing, right? And I think that it depends on the rhythm of our lives.

Gaea:  Mm-hmm.

Babak:  You know? Sometimes our rhythm is fast. And obviously, if it’s fast, if it’s anything with house music — it’s pumped through there, right? But then, sometimes it’s just a nice French song. Sometimes it’s a Brazilian samba. So, it really depends. It really, really depends. And I think that it’s a . . . it’s just how I feel, what the emotions are, and what goes through it. But it’s very, very cosmopolitan. It’s very, very global. And it’s usually listening to things that most people won’t listen to.

Gaea:  What is it today?

Babak:  Ah, today I ended up listening to some amazing Brazilian samba music.

Gaea:  Okay, okay.

Babak:  You know, with the travels you always get . . . one of the things I always do — I love doing, I’ve always loved doing — is at every single airport going and checking out the local CDs.

Gaea:  Mm, okay.

Babak:  Now, the CDs aren’t there anymore but I still go there and take—Well, in some of these countries, the CDs are still there. So, I still go there, I still shop the CDs. And then when I come through immigration to the U.S., they’re like, “Why do you have CDs?” So um, yeah. So I always enjoy going through there because you just get to learn. You’re . . . you’re . . . you’re taking a piece of that country with you and no matter where you are those emotions and those memories, they just come back.

Gaea:  Alright. So, can you samba? Do you know how to samba?


Babak:  No. No, no, no, no.

Gaea:  So, maybe that’s one of your…one of your challenges for next year is…learning to samba.

Babak:  Samba, you have to . . . Samba’s something that literally takes a lot of time. So, there’s amazing samba schools. There’s about 40 or 50 samba schools. And, Carnival is all about these samba schools actually competing against each other.

Gaea:  Oh, really? Okay.

Babak:  So, that’s exactly what . . . that’s what Carnival is. It’s all these different samba schools . . . They all get together and they have huge competition events. And then…so, that’s what samba is all about. It’s just absolutely fascinating.

Gaea:  I’ll have to try it sometime.

Babak:  You will, you will have to try it. Preferably in Rio.

Gaea:  Well, you know, I have family down in Brazil.

Babak:  So, you better make it happen!




Nothing like a little music to bring inspiration to your day. I’d like to thank international investor and consultant Babak Hafezi of Hafezi Capital for sharing the soundtrack of his life. 


I’d also like to thank Therese Arkenberg for cranking out transcripts and making sure we’re taking care of business.

And, I’d like to thank you for joining me for this bonus episode of the Born Leader Podcast. Our upcoming episodes feature Maestro Ulysess James of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic, and Michel Zajur, Founder and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  If you want to learn more about Babak Hafezi or other guests on the Born Leader podcast, visit  That’s H-Y-P-A-T-I-A-N institute dot com. Or follow us on Twitter at Hypatian I-N-S-T. Talk to you next time on Born Leader from the Hypatian Institute.


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