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Hypatian Institute founder discussing building leadership and the College Fellowship.

The Hypatian Institute, Inc. delivers leadership education and development that supports people of all persuasions in gaining knowledge, harnessing personal power and realizing their potential. It's our goal to help people understand the opportunities the world offers and that these opportunities are meant for them regardless of background or circumstance.

We combine conventional and innovative approaches to address the unique needs of individuals and small organizations -- small to mid-size businesses, social entrepreneurs, associations, and nonprofits. Our model provides high quality leadership consultation to small organizations and professionals, and uses proceeds to support similar programs for youth in low access communities.

2018 College Fellowship Applications available 8/18


What does the year hold for you? Between school, your job and life responsibilities, how will you achieve your goals beyond the classroom. Everyone is born to lead. But the transition to college can be difficult requiring students to not only enter a new environment, but an entirely unknown world. During the semester-long College Fellowship, the Hypatian Institute, Inc. helps first and second year students build competitive advantage by showing you how to leverage the knowledge you’re gaining at school to pursue your short-and long-term objectives.

Surviving freshman year is an important success, but no guarantee that other factors won't create barriers. To prepare talented young people for the academic and life challenges that come in the first years of college, the College Fellows program enhances problem-solving skills and helps students develop the confidence, resiliency, and resourcefulness to overcome the difficulties they encounter to find personal and academic success.

We seek high potential college freshmen and sophomores with a level of academic success that may not reflect that potential. Participation is free, but Fellows must commit to attending in-person monthly meetings and virtual coaching sessions January - May 2018. Learn more about the College Fellows Program.



The Institute provides life-long learning that supports your personal and professional growth, and lights a path to your future.



Explore the opportunities the world offers through innovative signature programs and special events, and learn leverage knowledge as you discover life’s possibilities.



Pursue leadership development through high-quality, affordable education and training programs that help you discover your potential and shape your future.