Increasingly in the 21st Century, everyone can be a community leader and all people can know the power of their voices.  At the same time, the shifts in our economy and the shrinking world in which we live demand a diversified leadership pool.  The Hypatian Institute addresses the shift in leadership population with uniquely tailored programs for small to mid-size businesses, associations, nonprofits, and professionals seeking competitive advantage, while using proceeds to support community-based enrichment and leadership programs for youth.


Keystone Leadership Program

Leadership training and development programs are fast becoming the new required component for career growth.  A college education and an advanced degree don’t give professionals the edge these credentials once did.  The Hypatian Institute develops high-quality, customized professional and leadership development programs for small organizations focused on developing social and political capital, and self-awareness; transitioning from a management to a leadership mindset; and cultivating and leveraging knowledge and resources.

The Institute’s Keystone Program provides the type of leadership training small organizations are usually unable to access, as well as provides corporate employees the opportunity to encounter new ideas outside the normal constraints of their organizations to help fuel a culture of innovation.  Our core innovation is personal and professional development focused on the intangibles – the systems, the processes, the networks, and the credentials for advancement.\

EXECUTIVE Leadership Program

In addition to customized programs for organizations, the six-month Executive Leadership Program launches in the fall of 2017.  Participants will target the knowledge and skills that underlie the building blocks of competitive advantage.  In particular, we provide a framework to understand how the community around us works, systems of influence, and how to leverage political, economic and social capital.  Participants meet public, private and community leaders, as well as thought leaders on issues that shape our world and where we live and work. And, they engage in a project that complements the program lessons and serves the community.


College Fellowship

The College Fellowship Program is designed for graduating high school seniors and college freshmen and sophomores.  Students may self-identify for the program or faculty/staff may nominate them.  The Institute’s goal is to develop confidence and enhance skills through a curriculum focused on problem-solving and self-reflection.  In addition, the Fellows receive modest financial support to remove small yet significant barriers to achievement and fully experiencing higher education. Learn more.


Special Programs and Events

Through seminars, workshop series, special programs, the Hypatian Institute engages with the community and contributes to the cultivation of innovation and everyday leadership across the region.  These programs feature experts and change-makers in the DC Metropolitan area and beyond to challenge and transform the ways we think about and approach challenges and solutions.