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Washington, DC (10/10/16) - Hypatian Institute, Inc. Founder and CEO Gaea Honeycutt on Day of the Girl panel discussing what communities can do for girls and youth as a whole, and the Institute's focus on helping people map out their paths to achievement.

The Strategic Pivot: Inaugural Leadership Roundtable

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Arlington, VA (9/26/16) - In discussing his thoughts on the future of the region and his vision for Arlington County, Director of Economic Development Victor Hoskins came back to three themes: 1) knowing when to pivot, 2) collaboration and partnership, and 3) playing to your advantages. After an asset-based analysis of where industries were moving and Arlington's strengths, Hoskins began a pivot for the municipality, reducing commercial vacancies. But, he realized Arlington isn't an island, and began collaborating with other economic development agencies in the region to bring more business to area as a whole.

What does this mean for your professional and leadership development? Use the same method. Ask yourself where your industry or field is headed, and how that intersects with your interests. Next, determine how you can leverage your strengths. Then, create a strategy to move forward, drawing on your network as appropriate. Now, you're on your way to charting a new course.

The Hypatian Institute’s Executive Roundtable is a unique opportunity for learning and exchange with leaders throughout the region – in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Roundtable Leaders focus on a variety of issues, ranging from crafting a strategic vision to scaling social and for profit ventures to cultivating innovation.  Because attendance is limited, these intimate discussions are content rich, engaging and substantive.  To learn more about the program or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Gaea Honeycutt at 571-418-3805.

Rodney Beverly, Infosys; Krystal Cooper, WUSA-9; Hypatian Institute Founder & CEO; and Victor Hoskins, Arlington Economic Development (Photo credit: Erika Christie)

Born Leader Podcast Featuring Every Day Community Leaders Launched

Alexandria, VA – Featuring local and national leaders, the Born Leader Podcast from Hypatian Institute, Inc. brings a unique perspective to the ever expanding public discussion on leadership through intimate interviews with and profiles of leaders in our communities—people who demonstrate that we are all born to lead.

Based on the premise that there are many paths to discovering one’s potential, Born Leader released it’s first two episodes featuring two local leaders – Cindy Shao, Founder and CEO of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce in Tysons Corner, VA, and Karen Mulhauser of Mulhauser and Associates and Founder of Consulting Women in Washington, DC.  Episodes are available on iTunes or via RSS feed.

Gaea L. Honeycutt, Born Leader Podcast host and the founder and President of Hypatian Institute, was inspired to launch the podcast based on her experiences as a business consultant and as co-founder and past chairman of a chamber of commerce. “I’ve seen how people build confidence when they discover that success is possible after learning from others who have walked a similar path,” she explains.  “Everyone has challenges and sometimes all it takes is seeing yourself in someone you admire to find the will and solutions to overcome obstacles.”

Upcoming episodes that are already in post-production will feature Arlington Economic Development Biz Launch Director Tara Palacios, investor Babak Hafezi of Hafezi Capital (Tysons Corner), Founder and CEO Michel Zajur of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Richmond), Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris (Maj. Gen. Ret. ANG ), Maestro Ulysses James of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic (South Alexandria), Alexandria Living Legend Joe Shumard, and president of the East Coast Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Jerry “Hawk” Burton (Tsgt. Ret. USAF)

Born Leader is one of two programs launched this season by the Hypatian Institute, which delivers high quality, innovative leadership education and development programs designed to bridge the competitive advantage gap faced by women, people of color, and people from low access communities.

Born Leader host and Hypatian Institute Founder Gaea L. Honeycutt flanked by Ansa Tyus (left) and Hypatian Institute advisor Yao Tyus (right) at Podcast Launch Party.

Born Leader host and Hypatian Institute Founder Gaea L. Honeycutt flanked by entrepreneur and performer Arthuretta Martin of Words and Melodies (left) and podcast guest Tara Palacios of Arlington Economic Development (right) at Podcast Launch Party.

Born Leader host and Hypatian Institute Founder Gaea L. Honeycutt (left) with business consultant, trainer and podcast host Ray Sidney-Smith (right) at Podcast Launch Party.