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Born Leader - Episode 4
Leadership Lessons from Babak Hafezi of Hafezi Capital

In this episode, we welcome Babak Hafezi, CEO of Hafezi Capital, an international consulting firm that helps its clients make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in performance and operations. Babak is successfully doing what so many of us desire – he’s merging his personal and professional interests in his work. Through his firm, Babak helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses in domestic and international markets. At the same time, he’s the quintessential Renaissance man, with a deep interest in human rights and conflict resolution.

We start with the world of business and its intersection with his personal interests, as well as what American businesses can learn from our global counterparts. And, the universal challenge all businesses face – no matter the type – building a sustainable model. In the second part of Born Leader Episode 4, we explore how Babak combines his approach to business with the human-centered side of his work, where he draws inspiration (especially during those challenging times all entrepreneurs face), and how he makes sure he’s ready to learn anytime, anywhere.

Maybe you’d like to take a page from his book and choose three personal challenges for the coming year. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the next episode of Born Leader, we’ll speak with Michel Zajur, Founder and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which grew out of his efforts to support the community and share his family’s heritage with neighbors in greater Richmond.

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