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In this third episode, we welcome Tara Palacios, whose high energy and business acumen are the foundation for Arlington Economic Development’s unique BizLaunch program, the City’s small business and entrepreneurial assistance network, and one-stop-shop for information on starting or growing a business.  Here sometimes unusual career prepared her to build and run BizLaunch, and she shares with us her advice about acting strategically and planning for success.  Her lessons from graduating in a tough job market, taking missteps on her first job, and becoming a valued collaborator resonate with anyone starting their own venture — whether business, nonprofit or public.

We dive into how Tara Palacios strives to be the mentor she never had and strategies for leaving a toxic workplace, as well as getting some pointers on how to assess whether you should start a business.  Then, Tara outlines how Arlington Economic Development planned and laid the groundwork for the BizLaunch program and it’s partnerships, and how this preparation has served her well as the program has taken hold and grown. And, she talks about some of the leaders she admires, how she engages in continuous learning, and the Golden Rule in business and life.

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