Knowledge Management

Our Promise to the Next Generation




When we tell our children they can be anything they want, what does that really mean? We encourage and support. We caution about as yet unknown but survivable challenges. But, do we really prepare them to resiliently, resourcefully and relentlessly pursue their dreams?

There are three keys to meeting the challenges life doles out regularly -- gaining knowledge, understanding possibilities and harnessing potential. You have to build the knowledge to see and understand possibilities, which you learn to leverage in order to determine and reach your potential. These three keys are not only interconnected, they're interdependent building blocks.

Some of us are lucky enough to grow up around those who mentor and shape our young minds, imparting these keys -- often without even realizing it. However, some of us grow up with limited access and resources that could help foster personal growth. This creates a competitive advantage gap, and closing that gap is the purpose of the Hypatian Institute, Inc.

As an organization dedicated to life-long leadership education and development from youth to seasoned professionals, we're excited to roll out our first program, College Fellowship, in the next couple of months. Talented young people from low access communities are particularly vulnerable during the transition to college. Not only are they entering a new environment, but an entirely unknown world. Our goals are to develop confidence, resiliency and resourcefulness, and to enhance skills through a curriculum focused on problem-solving and community service.

We're inspired by the experiences of youth in programs that realize a 30% higher matriculation rate. Of youth, who with the support of those around them, are able to achieve success rather than become a statistic. You can help by voting for the program at KINDcauses where the Hypatian Institute is competing for $10,000. You can also help every day by:

  • taking the lead to mentor a young person in your life,
  • providing internships,
  • speaking at workshops for teens (including the Fellows program), and
  • donating to organizations that provide the wrap-around services to create support networks for promising youth.

We hope you'll vote today at (and 3 more times!) to support the Institute in delivering on that promise to the next generation.