Find Your Joy to Inspire Innovation

The first time I just about lost my mind with a camera was on vacation in Alaska. Maybe the landscape offered the inspiration I'd never before encountered -- to the tune of 600+ pictures.  Some were good. Some were great. Some . . . let's just leave those for another discussion.

As with any new adventure, I soon wanted to do it really well.  (What's the point of learning something if you don't do your best?)  So, I went to and learned about all of their rules and guidelines.  Then, spent about three-days time over the next few months sorting through all of my photos to select the best ones. The process taught me a lot about what makes a good photo and how much work the professionals put into their craft.

Now, this had little to do with my marketing services, yet I was intense and intent. The foray into the creative brought me joy.  And, it brought me out of my bubble.  Now, I can't help but approach work with my evolving photographer's eye. That was an unexpected, though welcome, side effect.  I look at aberrations, emphasis and harmony differently in everything from social research to entrepreneur consultation to desktop design. Photography has brought a fresh focus (pun unintended) and creativity to nearly every aspect of life, and revived my innovative mind.

Sometimes, it's important to step away from your everyday routine to discover a new approach or innovation to the challenges and opportunities you encounter.  What brings you joy and fulfillment?  And, are you taking the time to pursue it?  You may not think you have the time to invest, but you may find the investment paying off in ways you didn't predict.

Got a few minutes to look at nature's beauty? See my emerging photography portfolio online. Let me know what you think and share the ways you feed your inner creative.

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